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Linmot is a major supplier for many prominent names in the aerospace, agriculture, automotive and commercial industries. We offer a broad selection of push-pull cable ends and fittings and accessories.

When applications require transmissions of forces in both the push and pull mode of operation, solid core controls are utilized. A variety of combinations of conduit styles and solid wire cores are used in constructing the preponderance of these products. Our push-pull cable assemblies are available in a variety of forms. This includes the popular groove or bulkhead end configurations.

Among the many standard end fittings are built-in swivels that enable an 8° deflection each side of center with a conical deflection of nearly 20° in total. These accommodate control arm movement. Linmot’s push-pull controls are obtainable in 30, 40, 60 and 80 series cables. Our engineering department relies on testing and their experience to determine cable size. Their determination is based on cable length, both normal and extreme usage, resistance and operating life and conditions. In cases when the push load is very light, cables that are stiffer and smaller in diameter can be used for push-pull cables. The amalgamation of cable and conduit must be carefully deliberated. The need for separate fittings or terminations can be eliminated by forming solid wire cores on the ends. Bend radii should be of a large size and routing simple. This is to avoid a permanent set in the core wire. All push-pull controls have a larger capacity in the pull compared to the push mode. Our products are also suitable for application in rugged conditions for example, under extreme heat or cold (-70F-350F).

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